Effective Treatments for Morgellons Disease

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I have a masters in nursing, but no longer work due to my health problems. Below are my personal photographs documenting the course of my Morgellons Disease and the effectiveness of treatments. Since there were no known effective treatments endorsed by the medical community, I have experimented on myself for the last eighteen months. Recently I added two new treatments to my regime and in less than three months on the new therapies, the results are dramatic. I believe that I am now 75% cured.

Photos # 1 & 2 taken 01/2012: Right Foot: Note scales, crusts, redness and dark specks

Photo #3 of right foot noting substantial improvement. Photo taken 07/2012

Below: Photo # 4 of “specks” that when removed from my legs and feet resemble hair follicles/fibers. Photo also shows peeling skin and scabs removed from right foot 01/2012

Below: Photo # 5 taken 01/2012 of left leg. Note lesion where scab was removed revealing hair-like follicle/fiber in center of wound. Also note edema and multiple wounds.

Below: Photo #6 of Left Leg taken 07/2012: Wounds are smaller and leg has less edema.

Treatment Protocol History

I will briefly review my treatment protocol history, but it is much too extensive to cover every detail here. For months I used Dakins Solution along with wound debridement and got no better. My wounds would not heal; in fact, they slowly got larger. I started removing the fibers/follicles and then my wounds would heal. I could not keep up with the new wounds as well as the existing ones where fibers continued to grow.

I did in vitro experiments to check the efficacy of products on my skin/scales and fibers. I found some that worked well, especially “Neutrogena® Deep Clean Cream cleanser, oil free” to help soften and remove the scales. Sometimes, I left it on for hours and then scrubbed it off in the shower with Scotch Brite Stay Clean Scrubbers (plastic). Luffas were useless. Neutrogena works well to soften the scales so they can be removed. The itching was greatly reduced, but not eliminated. Sometimes, I would leave the Neutrogena on for only a few minutes and then I could scrape off the scales. Wounds were sometimes visible on the surface of my skin, but frequently small wounds were hidden beneath layers of scales.

I suspect that my wounds are partially caused by Actinomyces bacteria introduced into the skin by a now resolved parasitic (scabies) infestation. Actinomycosis infection causes chronic wounds that drain and may contain colonies of organisms that resemble grains of sand. The accumulation of these colonies of bacteria can give the appearance of “sulfur granules” that look yellow or orange.  Additionally, the surface over the involved area may have a hard or woody consistency and draining sinus tracts develop. I have seen (macroscopically) the sulfur granules in draining sinus tracts on my foot and leg.

Laboratory confirmation is very difficult because the bacteria are anaerobic and slow growing. They require special handling on specialized growth medium and the typical q-tip wound swab from the MD’s office is not sufficient. Additionally, cultures must “incubate” two weeks or more and the lab must be instructed to culture specifically for this bacteria. A negative culture does not r/o this infection. Interestingly, the CDC has no posted information on Actinomycosis in their A-Z disease index even though a missed diagnosis (often missed even by the best clinicians) can be catastrophic. This disease has recently made medical news because of cases of abdominal Actinomycosis associated with the use of IUDs.

Actinomycosis can occur virtually anywhere on/in the body, including the face, breast and skin- coincidentally all the most common areas associated with Morgellons Disease. Clinical diagnosis is usually made by macroscopic or microscopic identification of “sulfur granules” in draining sinus tracts. Actinomycosis is usually sensitive to high dose penicillin, but treatment with antibiotics may be needed for six months to one year. Initially, due to the possibility of multiple wound pathogens, a broader spectrum antibiotic (than PCN) may be needed for a short period of time (usually less than 2 weeks).

My Morgellons has improved significantly on antibiotics. After a year with this horrible disease, I went on a 10 day course of an antibiotic called cefuroxime axetil (Ceftin 500 mg twice a day) since I am allergic to Penicillin. Ceftin is a second generation drug in this class, and a first generation drug will not work for Actinomycosis. I improved, but my wounds worsened once I stopped the antibiotic. I started Ceftin again and have continued on it for greater than three months now. I continue to show significant improvement, with decreased wound size, decreased swelling and drainage.

Actinomycosis will not resolve if foreign bodies (i.e. fibers), are present in or around the wound due to adherence of bacterial bio-films that protect bacteria from destruction from antibiotics or by the body’s immune system. I continue to remove these fibers or my wounds will not heal. Incidentally, many of these fibers can be felt by running the fingertips over the affected area. Many fibers feel like splinters and are very painful to touch and excruciating to remove.

The second addition to my treatment regime that has shown dramatic disease and wound improvement is the use of Cansema® “deep tissue” black salve from Alpha Omega Labs. This topical treatment removes the abnormal skin, but does not damage my normal skin. http://www.altcancer.com/Products/qblack-salveq.html

This stuff is the closest miracle treatment I have found after eighteen months of research. It probably won’t cure in just two or three treatments. I just did my fifth. There are risks. Safety in pregnancy and lactation is also unknown. I first used the “deep tissue” black salve less than 2 months ago. I had a good response. It did not harm my normal tissue, but application to the morgi areas caused burning pain and I could only keep it on my skin for about 10-15 minutes. This stuff was able to penetrate the extremely hard surface-I hesitate to call this area “skin”, since it seems more reptilian than human. Unlike the experience of others, my fibers did not fall out, but the rate of their replication has dramatically decreased. Also, I still have to remove the fibers that were present before I used the black salve, but now, I am usually able to get to them.

The intractable itching was eliminated by about 50%. Another thing, an area that had previously itched intensely (even though no lesion was present) ruptured and drained large amounts of grainy yellow stuff. It left a ¼ inch hole in my foot and that has now healed and the itching in that spot has almost stopped. This stuff should NOT be used by pregnant or lactating women and anyone with poor circulation or poor wound healing due to diabetes or other medical conditions. Nor should it be used on the face or mucus membranes.

Although I do not know the short or long term safety of this product, living with Morgellons disease unchecked is not an option for me. Until the medical community comes up with a better solution, I will search for my own. Having unchecked Morgellons disease is not living; it is a slow death.

My photos speak for themselves. I am better-much, much better! For the first time in eighteen months, I am optimistic for a cure.

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  1. go and check out “how I cured Morgellons” there is a wealth of information about Morgellon and Lyme disease. Many people have got there health back thanks to the chap Mel who owns this site.

  2. Okay this may sound crazy but I JUST found proof I have Morgellons and IT IS REAL!! NOT IN ANY OF OUR HEADS

    • Sorry for the drop off. Anyway, I found out how we can prove it to the medical doctors who tell us all we have delusional parasite issues. I have been treating for parasites for a few months and do I ever have some crazy ones. These fiber ones though truly blew my mind. What I am about to tell you is going to be so much fun when you discover the truth! So, in the process of eliminating parasites I am taking Para-Cide and doing garlic, coffee, and acv enemas to keep things moving. I’m also doing a acidophilus implant once a week. Don’t know what these are – please investigate the benefits. Around the full-moon time every month I get an itchy foot and palm of my hand. Inevitably I break out after scratching. I took pictures of the bruising that was happening on my foot one night. Low and behold, my iPhone 6 SHOWS LITTLE BLUE FIBERS UNDER MY SKIN RIGHT AROUND THE BREAKOUTS! I soaked my foot in diluted acv. The fibers were gone and the sores didn’t get too bad. BUT I HAVE PICTURES!! Recently, I have been taking pics of my sputum and noticed these small fibers. I have tape worms and have seen them look like long strings but could tell it was the side of the tape worm. These are different. I can only see them when I am zoomed in all the way and with the flash on. Now, here’s where it gets fun and you get your revenge, take a tooth pick or something like it and pick that little fiber up. Video tape this part with the flash on and zoomed in. One hand holding that little bas…. and one holding the camera. DID IT MOVE??? Mine do!! Now put two or three together and watch if they fight or get along. Please be careful not to get them around though. I use a paper towel to spit in, take a pic and see if there’s anything, if not fold it away, if yes – grab that sucker and have your fun! God knows they have theirs in us! I hope this helps someone prove they are not delusional. This has been the hardest part for me as I know it is for so many others. Loved this write up by the way. Funny how the link doesn’t work anymore!

  3. I have morgellons and it paralyzed my feet is there anything I can do?

  4. IM really happy to see you are at least getting better. My fiance has had Morgellons, we think, since June 2016. That’s when he then we started noticing black dots right under his first few layers or skin. I started showing symptoms in August I believe. First the back dots, then the burning and itching all over, fibers coming out of various areas in our bodies. It hurts, body aches, major fatigue, weight loss, which leads to one of us having a panic attack. We do our best to keep eachotter strong but some days are horrible. My fiancés symptoms are progressing and evolving quicker than mine, assuming he’s had it longer than I have.
    Here are things we’ve tried:
    Hot bath with 1 cup of lavender & eucalyptus epsom salt, 2 baking soda or visa versa with those. There are times we’ve tried adding other things in the bath such as: 100% tea tree oil and other 100% natural oils. I recommend not overdoing it though. We’ve had some really bad nights when we over do it.
    When we get out of the bath we get in the shower. Before getting dressed we put a aveeno lotion with lavender and camomile in the palm of our hands then put about 4 drops of tea tree oil in our hands to use head-toe (stay away from eyes). We also put about 20 drops of colloidal silver, hold it under our tongues for at least 45 seconds, then we use the colloidal silver nose spray (2 sprays per nostril) .
    Internally: Probiotics (5 strands) is a must, garlic 200mg, vitamin B stress complex, milk thistle…
    I try my best to ignore the outbreaks to keep them from getting worse… it works sometimes but sometimes it doesn’t. My fiancé on the other hand cannot seem to do the same. He has picked at his legs so badly he had a fever and almost needed to go to the hospital. Thankfully my mom is a nurse.
    I wish I knew the cure, I wish I could tell you all these things worked 100% of the time… but I can’t. They work most of the time though. Eating healthier is also a big factor. Non-GMO foods, cut back from sugar, cokes, etc. This is something I haven’t been able to do unfortunately. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as we all are. I pray a cure is found sooner than later.
    If you need to talk please feel free to contact me any time.
    [email protected]

  5. I suffered from Morgellons disease for 4 years. It got so bad on one leg that I couldn’t walk for about 4 months. I’m nearly 100% better after 7 months of Immunocal. I tried lots of things, and I still use colloidal silver intermittently. I believe I had very high mercury toxicity, from dental amalgams, eating loads of tuna, and breaking thermometers. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to hold a normal job again, but I’m back at work and doing fine! Please contact me at http://www.wheybetterhealth.com if you have any questions.

    Happy Healing 🙂

    • you’re trash

    • Hi I was reading your text in an online morgellons thing and it said you couldn’t walk ?i have the same problem my feet are paralyzed and it’s going up my legs what did you do exactly to stop it ?what can I do ? Or take? Please help?

    • Can you tell us exactly what you used and how much ? For how long ?

  6. Hi, Thank you so much for creating this website. I was infected with some type of parasite this summer that crawled and bit especially at night. I went to my Dematologist and all he could tell was,” You probably have Morgellons and I don’t know what to do for it”. I’m also a nurse and have been experimenting on myself. I have found relief doing these things: To reduce the parasites that I have(I believe there are multiple types of parasites that starts the body’s morgellons reaction): Once reducing the living area of any parasites, lice shampoo put all over the body leave no longer than 10 min. I have done this 2 days in a row when I felt really infected and the crawling and biting was keeping me awake all night. Once I got the parasites under control, I have been able to make the fibers come out of my body by pouring half strength hydrogen peroxide over my body and rubbing it around for 10 min. I then rub medicated Selsun blue(has healing silver) all over for 10 min. I do this all in the shower then rinse well. I then pour half strength apple cider vinegar over my body and let it air dry. I discovered that the vitamin c cream I use on my face has kept my face free of any symptoms, so I put it all over, NOW Vitamin c with Sea Buckthorn. I have the under the skin crawling and pain, but I have not gotten any ulcers and I think that could be because I take 2 natural antibiotics, turmeric and garlic both 2 times a day. My fibers have stayed small, I think because of all this I have done. I hope this helps someone. Alison

    • So since I wrote this original message I have gotten rid of the “bugs” twice, the thing I finally figured out is it’s connected to my adrenal fatigue. I have a ton of allergies and have had since I was a baby. My saliva test for hormone balance shows low cortisone and low thyroid. I believe the bugs are just in the dirt naturally, but some of our bodies are not strong enough to fight them off, in my case low cortisone. Last spring I took a dose of cortisone for a different reason and had a nice bug free summer, but I didn’t make the connection, I was not staying away from the foods I’m allergic to or doing the Lyme disease diet, so my adrenals were stressed and I got the bugs back again. I finally made the connection when I was able to totally stay away from the allergic foods(black pepper plus 20 other things) and the Morgellons symptoms became a lot less. I just did another salva test for hormones and my cortisone is low again, so I’m starting a low dose prednisone trial(5mg) per day then a long tapper off. I also take Drena plus. For cortisone support, but that’s maintainance. I also have chsnged to using 10% sulfer bar soap in a shower am and pm. Wet the body, turn off the water soap up, let it sit at least 5 minutes. Then use a lotion that has s small amount peppermint. My bugs were fed by anything coconut, stay away from lotions with that base. Non dyed aloe Vera gel worked for me. Keeping the bugs out of the rug and the bed was a challenge, but mine were killed by baking soda in the rug, my bed is covered in plastic and I use clean sheets every night. It’s a lot of work, but at least I could sleep. Keep the hope up. I’m praying for all of us who suffer with this, Alison

  7. I am sorry, but haven’t gone on this site very often.

    I stopped had bladder infection and the directions say to take nothing with it. I was on it for three weeks

    Please email me at [email protected]

  8. So I have M too – I am pretty sure everyone does – but I figured it out. I was taking alfalfa garlic and oil of oregano cut out all sugar and def wasn’t feeling as bad as I was prior. I drank coffee all day everyday and couldn’t live without my morning coffee. when I went on my deck with the sun shining and Looked in my cup I noticed the same things coming or of my skin that was in my coffee. The lightbulb went off. It’s the tap water. All stores I drank coffee from used water from the sink to make it, my keurig was filled by my kitchen sink, I cooked with water from the sink, etc. As soon as I stopped drinking coffee or tea and cooking with water from my sink – guess what – the M stopped as well. obviously this doesn’t just go for coffee and tea – any drinks you make at your home using sink water, iced tea, juice for the kids, anything of the sort. If you cut out anything with sink water I guarantee it will subside.

  9. Hi Jessica:

    You have Lymes Disease and need to have your blood tested by IGenex Labs in Pali Alto, California in the U.S.

    Also, you need to find an integrative medical doctor and get tested for heavy metals. Lymes lives in heavy metals, and behind your fillings.

    I was recently reinfected after going to my doctor’s office and the diseases went crazy. I am not doing well

    I was using Kleen Green Multi-purpose from
    Natural Ginesis and it helped, but now it doesn’t work anymore.

    I know you must be suffering and wish I had seen your post earlier.

    A woman emailed me this morning and told me to buy magnetic bracelets, as the Morgellons is diminishing her symptoms. Also she take oral doses of MSM

    Let me know how your doing.

    God bless you!

    I have Morgellins in my feet and ankles. I only had them on my back and hips and went to a specialist lady November and boom, they have bern in my feet for 10 months.

    There is another product that is helping called Debriding soap. A man named Richard Kuhns created this liquid soap and has helped me. Also, I soak my feet now in Epsom Salts and Peroude.I couldn’t believe what came out of my feet.

  10. I have had Lymes Disease for at least five years, but the doctors said I had delusional parasitosis. I found a doctor who tested me for Lymes (IGenex Labs) and a month later the doctor said I do have it. I have had Morgellons since I had Lymes, but here is what I am doing: I am doing the vitamin C and Himalayan salt protocol. I was told if you use the salt and C protocol, don’t do anything else with it. You can find the recipe for it online at lymephotos.com I have noticed that biofilm is coming out in my urine, when it never did before and my fatique is going away. I am also using a foot soak called Footherapy by Queen Helene. Tonight, I soaked my feet for 30 minutes and then wiped them dry. I saw some weird stuff on the floor when I stood-up and looked and touched them, there were tons of fibers. I never saw so many in my life. I have seen white fibers coming from a scab too. I also have parasites called Collembola, which penetrate my feet. I also have black and brown mites. I got all these lovely parasites from rats coming into my apartment and shopping at a thrift store. Thrift stores are notorious for having all kinds of bugs on the clothes, so beware. I use SPF 50 spray on my feet. The parasites come out, but its constant. I also use Witch Hazel, which has been a life saver. I get very down, as this is the first time in my life that I cannot get rid of a problem. Please email if you found a permanent cure or want to share at:
    [email protected]

    • Glad you are doing better. I have the symptoms of morgellons and chronic fatigue. How long where you on the salt and c combination.

    • I just discovered I have this too I’ve been driving myself crazy reading going to dr trying medications from dr every product on the shelf for my skin I just need find one who understands this cN you help me

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