Is Down?

It appears that is having server trouble today as their site has been having issues all day. Any sites using their SexyBookmarks plugin will notice that the share links are not working due to the issues with their site.

They indicated the following on their twitter 7 hours ago, “Sorry for the issues! Our servers are down, but we’re working hard to get it fixed. Please ping us if it doesn’t get better.”

13 hours ago, they indicated, “We’re having some issues with our servers right now. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!”

Their site is still down as of this moment. Did their server have a hard drive failure? Were they hacked? Hopefully, we will find out soon and they will be back up and running.


Their servers are now back up and running and they said the following on twitter: “We’re not happy about it either! Our servers went down on Friday w/ the Amazon outage along with Netflix, Pinterest & Instagram.”

Looks like their was a large outage at Amazon that affected them and some other companies as well.

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  1. Shareaholic is down again, getting 503 error on clicking the share button.

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