Chris Stokes Confesses to Child Molesting of B2K and Marques Houston

For years there has been nasty speculation in the industry about producer Chris Stokes being a child molester. Those stories were completely unfounded, until now. Former member of B2K, Raz-B, and older brother, Ricky Romance, are coming out on record making startling allegations that Stokes molested both of them, and most likely all of the other B2K members as well as Marques Houston.

Raz-B can be seen in the Youtube clip below confessing the molestation to Marques Houston’s sister: He claims to be on a new spiritual journey finding solace in God. Part of his healing is bringing to light the horrible events with Stokes that have haunted him since they occurred. His mission with this phone call was to alert the Houston family that Marques and Omarion were most likely victim’s as well:


Raz B: It all started with Chris Stokes. Chris was like – let me touch you …

Marques Houston’s Sister: Did he touch everybody, or was it just you?

Raz B: You know what, I can’t speak for everybody, but if you want my personal opinion, I think he did…

In the second YouTube clip, Raz B’s older brother, Ricky Romance, speaks of also being molested by Stokes:

“Chris [Stokes] made me take showers with the other boys …. All the [things] that my brother was introduced to, that shit was brought to me first. I blocked that shit and I wasn’t with it – I backed out … I kinda knew what was going on there. And yet, I took my brother [Raz B] over to Chris, and I didn’t protect him like I should have.” “[Chris Stokes] molested my brother [Raz B] and he molested me … when I say that, it hurts.”

Later on in the video, Ricky Romance calls Chris Stokes who seems to admit to the allegations:

“I don’t do that anymore, That was me years ago … I just don’t do that in my life anymore.”

However, publicly Stokes has denied the claims indicating that they are false accusations.

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  1. Are you interested in removing this story for a cash settlement . it is like 10 years old and we would like it removed. Please advise 404 503 6487 jonell pr or email me. Thanks

    • Why should the “alleged” truth be silenced? People need to know about how fucked up the industry is it’s pretty relevant…

  2. I think he is full of crap. All the guys in the groups were close in age so when he states that he was raped I am believing him. He’s really bitter because he wasn’t successful after the break up of B2K.

  3. Some one needs to arrest that evil guy…. Why is he still not getting punished by what he did? This is serious…. He needs to get locked up.

    • I agree wth you on that note but his day will come GOD, don’t sleep he needs help he is a sick man to ruin young lives and to denie his wrong

  4. I really think that’s fuck education up that anyone would do that to a kid , do you know that would entirely fuck up a person’s future , home and etc …..I hate seeing shut like this it’s sick asf and I hope that Chris Stokes get what he deserves old or not

  5. So in the past 8 years, since this was posted, has there been anything besides rumors about Chris Stokes? I don’t know what happened to Raz B but clearly something went awry in his child hood that led him to fall off the rails.

    Also, Omarion and Marques Houston are not blood related. The brother angle was created by handlers

  6. I believe Raz B to the fullest. Who would lie about something like be molested or raped by another man? The video shows they’re not doing it for the money, they just want Chris to keep it 100% and tell the world the truth. His ass needs to be arrested being how he admitted he has made them do things against their will. Somebody need to take the recording to the cops and put his child molesting ass in jail. I’m glad somebody had the balls to come out and say what he’s done to them. He suppose to be their cousin, that’s so fucked up how people will extort their own family when they need them the most. Sexual favors for money, that’s just crazy.

  7. I’ve said this so many times. Yet, I will say it again. Chris Stokes is the perpetrator in this incident, NOT Marques Houston! There is not a huge age difference between Raz B, Quidon ( another person who accused Marques Houston of molestation) and Houston. They were ALL CHILDREN at the time. Marques was coerced by Chris Stokes into having sex with Raz B. Raz B admitted that Stokes would watch, and coach while Houston had anal sex Quidon and Raz B. Again, Quindon is only a year younger that Marques Houston. The two boys were forced to do the things that they did. I believe Raz B and Quidon. Chris Stokes is a pervert. However, I don’t think Marques Houston deserves to be called a child molester. He was a victim, who, as a child was made to do awful things, by a man who controlled his future. Chris Stokes had full guardianship of Immature from the ages of 8 years old until adulthood. He traveled everywhere with them, even lived with them. He turned Marques out. Marques still hangs around Stokes because Stokes is all hes ever know since childhood. People have different relationships with their abusers.

    • I think that MH was also molested when he was young as he started in the business early. Was probably forced to molest the guys now by that paedophile as blackmail!!…i believe the B2K guy but I think that its the vicious cycle of the molested now becoming the molester and embarrassment on the side of MH too…he shouldn’t be as he was a child too but that’s just life i guess.

  8. i think every single person involved in this case should take a lie detector test or provide one on there own . i have watched many of raz-b’s phone conversations and the responses from the accused and it seems that fingers are still coming back to these men are molesters flat out. instead of trying to prove the didnt molest these boys they are trying to sue them instead where the fuck do they do that at? take the lie detector test thats all i gotta say.

  9. i think he did it!!!! and if he can prove other wise by at least taken a lie detector test then that shows he at least is trying to attempt to clear his name even if the test isnt 100%. people take them test all the time so why no in this case.

  10. I just watched the video and it’s edited so you don’t know what Chris Stokes admitting he did. Plus it’s a possibility it’s not really him on the phone. How can anyone say what he’s admitting when it’s edited? If it happened it’s sad and he should have been arrested. But until you see or hear the whole conversation then don’t pass judgment. No i’m not choosing sides and I was a victim of molestation as a child. I just don’t or can see the whole picture in this case.

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