Effective Treatments for Morgellons Disease

Below are my personal photographs documenting the course of my Morgellons Disease and the effectiveness of treatments. Since there were no known effective treatments endorsed by the medical community, I have experimented on myself for the last eighteen months. Recently I added two new treatments to my regime and in less than three months on the new therapies, the results are dramatic. I believe that I am now 75% cured. Continue reading

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  1. My mother had this disease. Dr. Tony Lebro in Kittery, ME 03909 treated my mother with all natural supplements. It took two weeks for the picking to slow down but by the end of 8 weeks she is completely healed from this disease. She had suffered with it for years. Her primary care doctor knew nothing about it. I took her to a dermatologist and he couldn’t help her. Dr. Lebro recognized the condition right away and put her on the all natural supplements which have NO side effects. I am so pleased to be able to share this information with other people so they can get help also. Dr. Lebro treats people all over the world. Just call him. 1-800-610-1199 you will be pleased with his treatment I’m sure.

  2. Take a bath with turmeric.

  3. I’ve had moregellons for about 5 yearsI have noticed that I go through stages of different things like first I noticed the fibers then I noticed like blue pieces of stone or something that would fall out of my hair off of my face shiny little blue pieces then the sores with the fibers I got break out seem like they would start healing but then you notice little little things leading away from the sores in all directions I would remove those and they would turn into another sore so i thought I had scabies so my doctor treated me for scabies and it did not work she sent me to a dermatologist who walked in the room took one look at me and said I had neurodermatiti she didn’t even come over and look at my skin anyways I’ve had 6 biopsies done where nothing was found but as I said I go through stages the sores eventually heal but then they’ll turn up somewhere else and along with the stages I will notice different changes in the sore now when I got home from the hospital I was in the hospital for pneumonia for 6 days but when I got home and took a shower I noticed that I had broke out really bad all over my abdomen I’ve noticed the black specks in my sores and of course I thought they were bugs but this was the worst breakout I’ve had and when I would take the particles out of my skin I swore I saw bugs I took them put them in a bag you took them to my doctor they looked and the biopsy came back with no bugs but bacteria fungus and plant material I don’t even have any plants in my house I thought maybe I had got bit by bed bugs at the hospital but that wasn’t it it was morgellons with the fibers on everything but I swear there are bugs now before the hospital I noticed these yellow areas on my abdomen I had had a breakout inside my belly button one time and I noticed the things crawling away from my belly button under the skin but that’s when I noticed the yellow spot on top of my skin so I was like what is that so I got needle and dug the yellow spots off my skin and dug a little deeper to see if there was anything in there and I came across a tissue like substance that I could pierce with the needle but I couldn’t pull it up and break it it was strong well it took a lot of work but I finally dug around the thing I was finally able to cut it and it was a little sack way down in my skin that was like very strong tissue like toilet tissue almost I have pulled those out there all over my body I get black specks out of them I get other things out of them in all different stages of whatever they are I put alcohol on the areas because in the sore you can actually see the skin raising up like everything’s going in the direction and when I did that it look like little brown worms were crawling out little white worms all kinds of different worms crawling out of me I was so horrified so now I’m in this position where I can’t do anything but pick at my skin to get the crap out and there is always something in them but I even took a piece of that sack and put it in the bag to send off and it came back as plant material this is extremely frightening to me I have noticed those fibers everywhere on my body my arms my legs my feet my hands my stomach my breast everywhere I am completely covered in them under my skin I’m afraid I’m going to die I do think this was meant to kill I think about those georgia guidestones that somebody put up in the seventy’s where they have to take the population down the 500 million I’m not taking another flu shot or another pneumonia shot I think this might be where were getting it from but I think it’s a conspiracy like the doctors are supposed to help us I don’t understand it and I’m very scared I have tried a multitude of things to try and and help me you know but nothing works you know stuff heals it up for a little while but then you just break out again in another area I have fibers in my mucus when I cough and I’m afraid the next time I get pneumonia may be my last so it looks like we’re dying of this stuff. something else I am asking Jesus to help me to clean my body of this disease or whatever it is and I hope that everyone can pray all of us that have it

    • Call Dr. Tony Lebro @ 1-800-610-1199. He treated my mother for this disease. He will use all natural supplements with NO side effects. You will be pleased. He treats patients all over the world!!
      He is wonderful!!

  4. I have removed a lot of black stuff from under my skin. I find there is a lot in joint areas. I also have Lyme. First, I was removing stuff by wearing a pair of vinyl gloves covered with a pair of laytex gloves. Water down the skin and rub it with the gloves. Run the gloves under water to clean everything off, and dry on towels. Continue to rub the wet skin and rinse glove and dry. I have discovered several things. The black stuff is often coming out of a common hole. You can rub off 50 sometimes from one area. (you won’t remove anything at first, but keep doing it for AT LEAST a half hour. I find that the longer I do this, the more comes out. Then I discovered that the vinyl glove next to my hand was feeling sticky and had I had black spots on my hand when I removed the glove. Later I looked up at the light and could see some black things that got trapped in the glove. When I felt them, they appear to have a shell. No wonder they sometimes hurt when coming out of the skin. This is absolute proof that stuff is flowing from my skin on its own. I used to be unable to sleep on my side, because the skin near my collar bone was bent and would sting. After working on that area, I can once again lie on my side.

    If this method helps you, please consider making a donation to the Charles E Holman foundation. Our only hope of getting the scientists to investigate it to provide them with evidence-based proof.

  5. Read nylon is better than cotton. I got nylon sheets and while in bed with legs bent I felt the sheets pull in and wrap around my legs by themselves in several seconds, plus had a sense of electricity. It happened after a half hour or longer with my legs in that position. The organism likes blood I’ve read. Poor people can try drink liquids with silver jewelry in them if they can’t afford colloidal silver. Silver kills bacteria fungus, pathogens, ebola, MRSA, HIV, hepatitus C. Eat alot of greens to get enough silver in your diet. Put silver in your spray bottle and clean counters with your favorite cleaner. Eat salt and wash with it. Kills bacteria and is used to make holy water. Pray for others and world. A petroleum eating organism was created to clean the oil spill. I believe this was the start of this so called disease. This would be a major law suit if this was acknowledged. It’s a perfect way to reduce the population. Don’t give up. If desperate put alittle mouth wash in a gallon of water to drink. It works immediately.

  6. Yes your storey has taught me a lot . Can we please chat my email is
    [email protected] my ne is Cindy-Lee . Looking so forward to hearing from you!!

  7. below is a link to a support kit designed specifically for morgellons that has been used by a morgellon’s sufferer named Mel. He tells his story and describes his experience and road to recovery.


  8. I too have become my own doctor. what had helped me is I wash my body w sulfer soap. my hair 3 times a week w T+PLUS GEl. SHAMPOO. Everyday u must use a lice shampoo at leest 3 times a month. . USE THE LICE COMB EVERY!!!! then EVERYDAY SHAVE WLL WHOLE BODY! USE Tagain SHAMPOO. THEN AFTER SHAVING WHOLE. BODY REWASH IT WITH DOVE SOAP. ALS3 TIMES A MONTH USE LICE SHAMPOO. ON Your body use jBENTONITE POWER.(THIS IS A MUST) APPLY on sores, dont let them have any air. apply thick not wet. after 5mins use tweezers. snd slide inside the wound. When u do this be perpared to be shocked. REALLY! do this over n over again to u remove 30 or more pf those black things. There will be a whole bumch.

  9. Thank you for this information. Morgellons has taken alot of time out of my life. Living with Morgellons is very had to deal with. I don’t go swimming anymore. I want to teach my great-grandson how to swim. I spend alot of time pulling the hairs and fibers out of my face near my chin and throat. Sometimes I choke on food because it feels as though my throat is getting smaller. At times I feel that there’s something pulling from the walls of my insides,which is very painful. When I touch my face where my Morgellons lumps are I experience great pain. I have, had three children two grown and one a minor. My son is no longer alive(nothing to do with Morgellons), I have had Morgellons since my oldest daughter was 7 years old. She is 36 years old. Morgellons has rob my time with my children. I have tried Kehiel’s Over-Night Biological Peel. It works, it turns the area where the fibers are brown as if it kills the spores. The fibers and hair come out easy, not as much pain. The area gets smaller to where it almost disappears. I was using samples. When I ran out the sores returned. I believe I need to treat the inside of my body at the same time that I treating the outside portion of my skin.

    • I was going to let this invasion of the body snatchers take over. Wearing copper stopped the intense stinging bites because they were munching on me in a frenzy. I could feel them disintegrating my mouth and my brain. Decided I had to fight it. It’s contagious and others will get it and do nothing to stop it. They get stronger and meaner day by day. Magnets seem to empower them at first and the pain was bad having magnets all over and under me while sleeping. After a few months I got up early morning and held a stick of magnets by finger tips. The biofilm shrank big time and I went to sleeping in freezing cold in a tshirt and a sheet comfortably to freezing cold in an hour. I felt human again. A week of wearing the magnets on wrists, and in shoes stopped the feet peeling in one week. Bought a silver necklace and the next day my feet are peeling again, but I felt healthier with the silver on. Colloidal silver has helped tremendously. Last night one of the many new cell towers was emitting an intense frequency sound that made my head want to explode. The GM bugs are sound activated and in cobweb chem trails. I walked into 5 of them yesterday going to stores, at the park, in my yard. I immediately get itchy all over. Geo-engineering transhumanism project, no kidding. It was meant to kill us. I know the answer is through praying to Jesus to take over. Don’t go down without a fight.Vitamin C, baking soda, brocoli, cabbage, coliflower, wear silver, tourmaline, topaz, jasper.

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