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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today that it is launching a study to learn about an unexplained condition that causes people to feel as if they have foreign substances growing from their bodies.

People with the condition, referred to as Morgellons disease, say they have fibers and other inorganic material growing out of their skin.

“We earnestly want to learn more about this unexplained illness, which affects the lives of those who suffer from it,” said Dr. Michele Pearson, principal investigator leading the study for the CDC, in a press release. “Those who suffer have questions, and we want to help them.”

“We have a team of epidemiologists, laboratorians and pathologists to carry out the study,” Pearson said.

The study will be conducted in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research. For more information, CLICK HERE to visit the CDC’s Unexplained Dermopathy Web site.

In 2006, a number of Morgellons sufferers told ABC News in interviews that when they consulted doctors, they received diagnoses they called wrong or dismissive. Brandi Koch, the wife of former Major League Baseball player Billy Koch, said that she felt as if she were living in a horror movie, claiming she had colored fibers coming out of her skin.

Koch, of Clearwater Beach, Fla., said that her life was good until one day in the shower when she noticed something strange — tiny fibers running through her skin.

“The fibers look like hair, and they’re different colors,” Koch said.

Koch said she knows that what she experienced “sounds crazy,” but it’s true. “If I had a family member call me up and say, ‘I have this stuff,’ I’d say, ‘I’m sending a straitjacket over. You need some help,'” she said.

Anne Dill described a similar condition. Looking at Dill’s life in Florida, she seemed to be living the American dream — her three daughters excelled in sports and were straight-A students.

But life in the Dill household was far from idyllic. Anne’s 40-year-old husband, Tom, died in January 2006, and she believes his death was due to a contagious illness that has infected her entire family.

Dill described her family’s skin: “There’s this fibrous material. It’s in layers.” Dill said the skin on their hands was particularly bad, very swollen and itchy, and said it felt as if bugs were crawling underneath the skin.

Consulting Doctors

Dr. Greg Smith of Gainesville, Ga., has been a pediatrician for the past 30 years. He claimed that a fiber was coming out of his big toe, and he had video footage to prove it.

“It felt like somebody stuck a pin in my toe and wiggled it, and it just continued to hurt,” Smith told ABC News in 2006.

He said he never thought he had bugs. “I’ve certainly had those crawling sensations, and the fibers which come out of the skin are really bizarre, and really odd.”

Smith was handed over to a hospital psychiatrist when he went to the emergency room complaining of a fiber in his eye. He admits that he, too, would be skeptical if a patient came to him with the same story.

“I would wonder if they’d taken their medicine that day. It makes no sense. It’s totally bizarre. It’s something that — just telling the story is so outlandish on the face of it — that no one would believe it,” Smith said. Dill’s doctor told her to stop scratching, even though many of her sores were in places she could not reach.

Koch went to the Mayo Clinic, where doctors didn’t believe that the fibers she’d brought them had grown from her body.

“I saw the infectious disease doctor, and I showed him some samples that I had and he snickered,” she said. “I can’t go through another doctor blowing me off or looking at me like I’m crazy. I know I’m not.”

Dr. Vincent DeLeo, chief of dermatology at New York’s St. Lukes-Roosevelt Medical Center, weighed in on what he’d say to someone who came to him with this condition. “I don’t think this is any different than many patients I’ve seen who have excoriations and believe that there is something in their skin causing this,” he told ABC News in 2006.

DeLeo said the open lesions were most likely a result of scratching the skin.

Relying on Your Own Research

But biologist Mary Leitao refused to accept the medical skepticism surrounding Morgellons.

Leitao’s son, Drew, was just 2 years old when Leitao noticed an odd sore on his lip that would not heal.

“He very simply said ‘bugs,’ and he pointed to his lips,” said Leitao.

Leitao never expected to find herself at the center of a medical storm. But when her son complained about the strange sore, the biologist, who once ran the electron microscope at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, did what any scientist would do. She took a closer look.

“What I saw were bundles of fibers, *** of fibers,” Leitao says. “There was red and blue.” Even stranger, they glowed under ultraviolet light.

Armed with research, Leitao took her son to a doctor at one of the country’s leading hospitals. He dismissed her tale of fibers and wrote to her pediatrician, saying that her son needed Vaseline for his lips and that his mother needed a thorough psychiatric evaluation.

Undaunted, Leitao began poring through medical literature looking for clues. What she discovered was a 17th-century reference to a strange disease with “harsh hairs” called “Morgellons.”

She named the strange fibers Morgellons disease and put the information on a Web site, At the time of her interview in 2006, more than 4,500 people had contacted Leitao, claiming they had Morgellons-type symptoms. The name stuck, and the disease was featured on the television show “ER.”

But do these fibers grow from inside the body, as Morgellons patients believe, or do they come from the external environment — a kind of lint — as the medical skeptics say?

Searching for an Answer

Forensic scientist Ron Pogue at the Tulsa Police Crime Lab in Oklahoma checked a Morgellons sample against known fibers in the FBI’s national database. “No, no match at all. So this is some strange stuff,” Pogue said in 2006. He thought the skeptics were wrong. “This isn’t lint. This is not a commercial fiber. It’s not.”

The lab’s director, Mark Boese, said the fibers are “consistent with something that the body may be producing.” He added that, “These fibers cannot be manmade and do not come from a plant. This could be a byproduct of a biological organism.”

Dill said she looks at pictures of her family and finds them unrecognizable. “My kids have to see not only their dad but their mom disintegrating, and that’s gotta be really scary.”

While they wait for evidence that they hope will convince the medical community to take them seriously, some Morgellon’s sufferers wear pink bracelets that say, simply, “Fortitude.”

Pictures of Morgellons Disea

Pictures can be viewed at the following location: Morgellon’s Disease Pictures


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  1. It was just a matter of time before the sheer magnitude of the Morgellons epidemic caught the interest of honest, independent scientists. See link below.

    Finally, a new 2015 study is cracking open the door that was shut hard by the CDC cover-up study. And it was a cover-up. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will allow the idea that the genetic modification of living organisms has created NEW, MANMADE, GENETICALLY MODIFIED, BIOSYNTHETIC disease. Possibly contagious.

    “In an article published in “BMC Dermatology” (February 2015), researchers provided medical proof that Morgellons disease does in fact have a physical cause. A consortium of physicians and medical researchers from the United States and Australia studied 25 people from the United States and Canada who had Morgellons disease (MD).”

    To all of you afflicted with Morgellons…keep posting your pictures, share your experiences online, spread your unique knowledge – only you can communicate loudly and repeatedly to the rest of us – we all need to learn what genetically modified biosynthetic disease looks like and feels like. As more and more of you share your stories – honest scientists will hear of you and be spurred by curiosity.

    And the CDC?
    They played their cards. The CDC will continue to:

  2. my husband was being bit at nite. we thought bed bugs.We heated the house 120 f as instructed. this is to kill bed bugs but instead the situation became much worse. We finr real small snake like things, and we find these little cotton ball looking thing all over our clothing and one night he was bit 4 times side by side and he looked and there was the cotton ball critters 4 of them he now is covered with bite marks and we have pulled several fibers out of his skin. in the past week his hair is starting to fall out. he had very thick hair but suddenly it is thinning quickly and breaking. does this sound like morgellons

  3. I’m aware of this disease and I don’t suffer from it. In fact, I don’t know anyone that suffers from it. I just wanted to let all of you afflicted by this horrible illness, that more and more of us out here are hearing of Morgellon’s. I first saw it on TV. I believe I was watching the discovery channel and immediately became concerned. After reading certain comments, I will try to protect my family by carefully reviewing any products we consume, what we eat, and our environment /contact with others. I am so sorry that you have to suffer in this painful and debilitating manner. I hope all of you find the answers you deserve. Just please remember, doctors aren’t always right. If doctors don’t believe you, rest assured I do and so do many others.

  4. Morgellons is like the fairy tale from Hansel and Gretel. To understand Morgellons, you must follow the crumbs.

    Crumb #1
    Morgellons skin fibers appear to contain cellulose.

    Crumb #2
    All Morgellons patients screened to date have tested positive for the presence of Agrobacterium genetic material.

    Crumb #3
    Agrobacterium is known to produce cellulose fibers at infection sites within host tissues

    Crumb #4
    Agrobacterium is used extensively in high tech genetically modified biopesticides.

    Crumb #5
    Morgellons fibers often appear blue, red, or black.

    Crumb #6
    High tech biopesticide designed to infect and kill bugs – utlizes coomasie brilliant blue R, methylene blue HCl salt, brilliant cresyl blue, an FDC red, fluorescein free acid or mixtures thereof.” “sunlight protectants were Buffalo Black, Carbo-Jet Black”
    per United States Patent No. 4844896

    Crumb #7
    Morgellons feels like ‘wiggling’ ‘crawling’ fibers.

    Crumb #8
    2007 New Scientist Magazine article describes invention, stating: “Nanoscopic hair-like polymer structures are being developed by US researchers and could help explain the way similar biological appendages, known as cilia, function inside the body”.

    Crumb #9
    Morgellons produces and extrudes sand like grains, black ‘seeds’ and tiny crystals.

    Crumb #10
    Baculoviruses are used in high tech biopesticides to kill bugs.

    Crumb #11
    During the late stages of infection, Bacculoviruses produce particles called occlusion bodies. Polyhedra of many viruses look like clear, irregular crystals of salt or sand.

    Follow the crumbs. They will lead you to technology. Technology that uses agrobacterium. Technology that uses red, blue and black colors. Technology that uses viruses which produce sand/crystal like particles. Technology that uses cilia-like polymer structures (cilia have a wiggle movement).

    Follow the crumbs and you will find yourself face to face with a new truth. Man now has the ability to create novel, high tech infections. We have the technology.

    Biopesticides were intended for bugs. But now they’re in people.

    Think. About. The. Lawsuits.

    This is why the CDC is hiding. And the medical community yells ‘crazy people!’

    Imagine the impact on the biopesticide industry. The genetic engineering industry. The biowarfare research industry. The nano technology industry.

    You are talking big, big bucks. And not nothin, and no one, is going to get in the way of big big bucks.

  5. The emerging disease called Morgellons is caused by nano machines which are believed to receive specific microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information. To what end is not known. The symptoms include open skin lesions from which colored or plain fibers emerge. Some fibers withstand temperatures in excess of 1400 F. Morgellons nano machines are commonly found in all body fluids and orifices, and are believed to routinely achieve total body systemic penetration. Morgellons nano machines seem to have some kind of hive or ‘group intelligence.’ There is strong evidence linking Chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers.

  6. Sorry this is posted in the wrong place. Please see Alaria’s post and Mr. Gascu’s response I believe on page 28 of the responses.

  7. To Calin Mircea Gascu, I found your response sadly unhelpful. You discount Alaria’s post as 1.6% effective leaving 98.4% as ‘scrap’ as you put it. Exactly how did you come up with that precise number? Did you count the words you found credible then divide by the total number of words? Your post is belittling of Alaria’s information and thoughts, though ironically, you offer nothing beyond your own personal opinions. This is not helpful. Nor does it foster discussion. These are the tactics of internet trolls which can be a real problem for thoughful and civil online discussions.

    As for your comment regarding ‘proof’, I had to laugh. Have you forgotten that this entire thread and everything posted here is in regards to Morgellons – an affliction that is NOT RECOGNIZED by the medical community and dismissed with a psychological diagnosis of DOP?

    I am well aware that this thread is viewed by some in the CDC, medical community as well as those involved in the technology that has brought this affliction to everyone here. My guess is that Alaria has hit on something that you prefer not be discussed on this thread.

    Personally, I found Alaria’s post quite thought-provoking precisely because of the research and facts she presented. Perhaps you could better respond to the information she presented with some facts and research of your own? In any event, I have noticed this thread includes research, facts, theories and intuitive thoughts of many people. All are welcome (in my book at least).

    In general, as Americans, we have two challenges 1) an incredibly secretive and non-transparent federal government apparatus and 2) we are surrounded by highly complex technologies to the point that no single scientist has the big picture on anything. Everyone is specialized. So the more that the people here are able to research and present their findings, the better. We may not all agree, but the more we critically look at the evidence and analysis presented, the better chance we have on hitting the truth.

    As I said, I found Alaria’s post thought-provoking and important. And I have given the reasons why in my direct response to her post.

    I apologize to everyone that this post is a bit long. I just don’t want to see discussion stifled.

    As for Mr. Gascu, perhaps you could count up the words in my post and let me know what percentage is ‘enough’ and what percentage is ‘scrap’.

  8. There is a mysterious skin disease that appeared recently in the world. Some call Morgellons. So far nobody knows an effective remedy for it. The so-called mystery is the fact that they have not found so far causation of illness, due to which we get sick.
    For that Morgellons is not a skin disease. Morgellons is not a mental illness. Morgellons is not organic disease . Morgellons is not a contagious disease. Morgellons is not an infectious disease. Morgellons is not a disease caused by chemicals. Morgellons is not a disease!
    What is Morgellons?
    Morgellons is a normal reaction of the body to some extremely dangerous factors. Morgellons is a warning sent by our body. He warn us that the colored beads and cheap is not good.
    I found those harmful factors and I removed. After that I began to recover my lost health. After 90 days of the removal case, my skin is recovering day by day. See photos in the gallery. True skin disease but not limited to attacking any living tissue. Doctors around the world are overwhelmed. For those reading on the Internet the strangest explanations. From aliens, conspiracies, chemical agents to one who helped “design” disease. I read them all. The real cause of this reaction is as real and present with us. Located in close proximity to each of us. Know that you pay to have Morgellons?
    I know very well what I say. See evidence:

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