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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today that it is launching a study to learn about an unexplained condition that causes people to feel as if they have foreign substances growing from their bodies.

People with the condition, referred to as Morgellons disease, say they have fibers and other inorganic material growing out of their skin.

“We earnestly want to learn more about this unexplained illness, which affects the lives of those who suffer from it,” said Dr. Michele Pearson, principal investigator leading the study for the CDC, in a press release. “Those who suffer have questions, and we want to help them.”

“We have a team of epidemiologists, laboratorians and pathologists to carry out the study,” Pearson said.

The study will be conducted in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research. For more information, CLICK HERE to visit the CDC’s Unexplained Dermopathy Web site.

In 2006, a number of Morgellons sufferers told ABC News in interviews that when they consulted doctors, they received diagnoses they called wrong or dismissive. Brandi Koch, the wife of former Major League Baseball player Billy Koch, said that she felt as if she were living in a horror movie, claiming she had colored fibers coming out of her skin.

Koch, of Clearwater Beach, Fla., said that her life was good until one day in the shower when she noticed something strange — tiny fibers running through her skin.

“The fibers look like hair, and they’re different colors,” Koch said.

Koch said she knows that what she experienced “sounds crazy,” but it’s true. “If I had a family member call me up and say, ‘I have this stuff,’ I’d say, ‘I’m sending a straitjacket over. You need some help,'” she said.

Anne Dill described a similar condition. Looking at Dill’s life in Florida, she seemed to be living the American dream — her three daughters excelled in sports and were straight-A students.

But life in the Dill household was far from idyllic. Anne’s 40-year-old husband, Tom, died in January 2006, and she believes his death was due to a contagious illness that has infected her entire family.

Dill described her family’s skin: “There’s this fibrous material. It’s in layers.” Dill said the skin on their hands was particularly bad, very swollen and itchy, and said it felt as if bugs were crawling underneath the skin.

Consulting Doctors

Dr. Greg Smith of Gainesville, Ga., has been a pediatrician for the past 30 years. He claimed that a fiber was coming out of his big toe, and he had video footage to prove it.

“It felt like somebody stuck a pin in my toe and wiggled it, and it just continued to hurt,” Smith told ABC News in 2006.

He said he never thought he had bugs. “I’ve certainly had those crawling sensations, and the fibers which come out of the skin are really bizarre, and really odd.”

Smith was handed over to a hospital psychiatrist when he went to the emergency room complaining of a fiber in his eye. He admits that he, too, would be skeptical if a patient came to him with the same story.

“I would wonder if they’d taken their medicine that day. It makes no sense. It’s totally bizarre. It’s something that — just telling the story is so outlandish on the face of it — that no one would believe it,” Smith said. Dill’s doctor told her to stop scratching, even though many of her sores were in places she could not reach.

Koch went to the Mayo Clinic, where doctors didn’t believe that the fibers she’d brought them had grown from her body.

“I saw the infectious disease doctor, and I showed him some samples that I had and he snickered,” she said. “I can’t go through another doctor blowing me off or looking at me like I’m crazy. I know I’m not.”

Dr. Vincent DeLeo, chief of dermatology at New York’s St. Lukes-Roosevelt Medical Center, weighed in on what he’d say to someone who came to him with this condition. “I don’t think this is any different than many patients I’ve seen who have excoriations and believe that there is something in their skin causing this,” he told ABC News in 2006.

DeLeo said the open lesions were most likely a result of scratching the skin.

Relying on Your Own Research

But biologist Mary Leitao refused to accept the medical skepticism surrounding Morgellons.

Leitao’s son, Drew, was just 2 years old when Leitao noticed an odd sore on his lip that would not heal.

“He very simply said ‘bugs,’ and he pointed to his lips,” said Leitao.

Leitao never expected to find herself at the center of a medical storm. But when her son complained about the strange sore, the biologist, who once ran the electron microscope at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, did what any scientist would do. She took a closer look.

“What I saw were bundles of fibers, *** of fibers,” Leitao says. “There was red and blue.” Even stranger, they glowed under ultraviolet light.

Armed with research, Leitao took her son to a doctor at one of the country’s leading hospitals. He dismissed her tale of fibers and wrote to her pediatrician, saying that her son needed Vaseline for his lips and that his mother needed a thorough psychiatric evaluation.

Undaunted, Leitao began poring through medical literature looking for clues. What she discovered was a 17th-century reference to a strange disease with “harsh hairs” called “Morgellons.”

She named the strange fibers Morgellons disease and put the information on a Web site, At the time of her interview in 2006, more than 4,500 people had contacted Leitao, claiming they had Morgellons-type symptoms. The name stuck, and the disease was featured on the television show “ER.”

But do these fibers grow from inside the body, as Morgellons patients believe, or do they come from the external environment — a kind of lint — as the medical skeptics say?

Searching for an Answer

Forensic scientist Ron Pogue at the Tulsa Police Crime Lab in Oklahoma checked a Morgellons sample against known fibers in the FBI’s national database. “No, no match at all. So this is some strange stuff,” Pogue said in 2006. He thought the skeptics were wrong. “This isn’t lint. This is not a commercial fiber. It’s not.”

The lab’s director, Mark Boese, said the fibers are “consistent with something that the body may be producing.” He added that, “These fibers cannot be manmade and do not come from a plant. This could be a byproduct of a biological organism.”

Dill said she looks at pictures of her family and finds them unrecognizable. “My kids have to see not only their dad but their mom disintegrating, and that’s gotta be really scary.”

While they wait for evidence that they hope will convince the medical community to take them seriously, some Morgellon’s sufferers wear pink bracelets that say, simply, “Fortitude.”

Pictures of Morgellons Disease

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Image sequence 1 of Morgellons patient. Note the ink outline
Image sequence 2 of Morgellons patient. Closer view of outline area.
Image sequence 3 of Morgellons patient. Zooming in on outline area.
Image sequence 4 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 2x.
Image sequence 5 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 4x.
Image sequence 6 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 10x – note ink line at right.
Image sequence 7 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x – note ink line still present.
Image sequence 8 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x.
Image sequence 9 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x – note hair in foreground.
Image sequence 10 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 80x.
Image sequence 11 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 200x.
Lip of 3-year-old male at 10x showing fibers embedded in skin.
Fibers removed from same lip lesions shown at 60x.
Image showing autofluorescence of fibers from child’s lip skin lesion.
Heel of 3-year-old male at 10x showing lesions with associated fibers.
Same heel lesions on 3-year-old male showing fibers at 60x.
Same heel lesions on 3-year-old male showing fibers at 60x.

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  1. Hi there, I would just like to explain my symptoms firstly,

    It started off as smaal litlle dots, looking like flea bites. It itched alot! And the weirdest is that its just on my left arm.

    Ok so firstly there were 2 dots starting to grow, what happens is it makes a little sac with clear fluid, it then bursts and afterwards creates a pink, wet, fibery scab, another sac containg fluid emerges around this scab and bursts and the process has been going on for 2 weeks.

    There are now 3 large (about a square inch (3x3cm) of these scabs on my arm and no matter what i try to use be it ointment or antibacterial medication it does not seem to go away. When I said it itched I really mean that I want to go crazy!

    Could this be Morgellons disease? o and one vry importent thing I have to mention is that a week before these scabs started to grow, I was in the Kruger National Wildlife Park, could it be a bite or bacterial or is it the Morgellons disease?

    Please help me because Im starting to reach desperation and anxious as Im afraid these scabs are going to continue growing!

    Please be so kind to mail me at:
    [email protected]
    or contact me
    South Africa
    +27 13 655 4300 office hours or
    +27 84 629 9917 anytime

    if the above nrs doesnt work try:

    0027 13 655 4300
    0027 84 629 9917

    thank you so much

  2. Judey Bush posted this website: Excellent source!!! There is a lot of complicated genetic information here, but also info for the rest of us. Every person suspected of Morgellon’s tested positive for presence of agrobacterium, which causes crown gall in plants and is widely used in the creation of genetically modified food crops. No one in the control group did. The subjects almost uniformly tested positive for lyme disease as well, leading to a suspicion that the disease may be tick transmitted. Perhaps spiders can transmit it as well?

  3. Hello Slim,
    I tried the 2 part red wine & 1 part hydrogen peroxide with great success the fibres popped out.
    Along with the daily vitamin supplements
    Omega 3 natural fish oil
    Berocca every day B group with vitamin C added calcium, magnesium & zinc (does not contain sugar, caffeine or artificial stimulants) not the one you add to water as it contains aspartame which makes the bubbles.
    Woman’s Multi Mega Potency multivitamin
    Inner Health plus
    My life has improved now I know what the problem is after 5 years of not realizing what I was dealing with. Lets hope it will eventually go away for good.
    Thank you for your time and help.
    Love & Light Loraine

  4. i also have this THING and yes it is creepy more than scary in my stages but is all too real people.i have blog that i started recently.

  5. Dr Hidegrade Staniger PH.D
    Industrial Toxicologist and Doctor of integrative medicine gave a very interesting TV interview in 3 parts saying that this problem lives and assembles in the stomach and kidneys
    (copy & paste) follow these links below for help

    This answers most questions

  6. Hi sisters and brothers in despair,

    Strange that so far that no European people seemed to take part in this discussion.
    I am german and got my Morgellons manifestations in June 2006 on a greek island. Five bulbs on my neck like a necklace, all big and red and hot with white fibres waving hallo. So told me my neighbour’s daughter – how could I see them in my neck? (This seemed to be known in the area but not be talked about.) Weakness, not being able to walk straight ahead, only in curves like a snail, but not so rapid! Doctors..and in Greece and in Germany: simple agricultural ones (2) and dermatologists (3) and in university clinics (4) and tropical clinics (1) – no need to tell you what happens. “Would you now leave, we’ve got other people waiting outside.” (seriously ill!)
    I shurely infected my mother (94) who rubbed my back itches with lotion. I think that my father (96) might be infected too, maybe for a longer time than I am. He has worked as an veterinary microbiologist and was producing vaccinations in the early 50ies and later on researching for unknown deseases like “VIBRIONES” and I remember him since at least 30 years coughing badly * and scratching his had while reading. (The same do I when I have the sensation that Ms are crawling in my hair…)
    In July2006 I came back to town to live with my parents in their house to help them. So I do not know where the infection really started. Might be that you’re infected and some day when you are in ‘bad/right condition’ – stress, fear, anger, lack of vitamines, too much ouzo – the symptoms will appear.

    My school english is 40 years ago, I’ve no dictionary, so I hope you will understand what I’m trying to tell.

    I’m a teacher for pupils from 16 years on and I the more I read and know about Ms and so on, the more I am scared about if Ms really spreads that easily. I feel like having to go away from here and school to where the desease probably came from so not to infect nobody over here. Ok, if Ms spreads that easily and no one of the officials takes care of them, we will soon have an epidemic manifestation. Earth is greeting Mars.

    Ok, I just reviewed the blog to look for the joke and did not find it. So:

    Earth and Mars are meeting.
    Mars: “How are you?”
    Earth:”No good at all.”
    Mars: “What’s going on?”
    Earth:”An infection called ‘mankind’.”
    Mars: “Don’t bother, it will soon be over.”

    Sorry. But I really think that we did so much harm to mother nature that we should not be too astonished of what we are getting back.

    Let me explain: I own a house on that greek island on a delta beach. There’s a river coming down in winter and in summer there is water standing in a ‘swamp’ breeding mosquitos. People fight them with ‘chemical wapons’ . They carry them on their back and pump. (Also they are protecting their olive trees with chemical means spread also by aeroplanes.) But there are still mosquitoes! Did these animals not probably perhaps change DNS and so on in the meanwhile to protect themselves, hiding away?
    I also suppose that dogs (and other animals like chickens too) might be involved. Several little dogs died from one day to another without looking sick, the only one which survived was the one I went to friends to a village on the mountainside above.

    * I also brought back from this island two times a bad cough. The sputum which struggles hard not to be spied out shows structures which are rapidly growing and spreading and if I imagine what is going on in my body I think —–

    Ok, you know what I am thinking about. The ‘Ms beings’ I saw in the – now german translation – ‘dark-field-microscope’ in my blood will travel with this blood wherever they want to. And what will they do there?I imagine the worst. So:

    Dear Ms, do what you want and need to do. I would prefer to live some other years to enjoy my greek island, so let us cooperate. Maybe you understand that if you destroy my body you will have to look for another one. So if you were less ‘beings’ and would not do so much harm to me, you could longer exist in me like your host. For this sake I will try to make my blood a little bit less att5ractive for you – vitamines, more ozon, less ouzo, better digestigation and so on.

    This is a public promise – no war, just coexistence, if possible.

    Wait and see.

    And re-reading I understand that I am starting a war ‘survival of the fittest’, Ms vs Ms and Ms vs me. So I abgree that we should pray. So with the help of the archangels Michael and Raffael.
    I’ll light some candles for us all.
    This blog was very helpful for me, thank you all.


    I am thankful for every ones contribution to this site the only way to begin to beat it is to recognize that you have it and then talk about it.
    My experimental treatment so far:
    Vitamin tablets Inner Health,
    Omega 3 Natural Fish Oil,
    vitamin C tablet with added calcium, magnesium & Zinc,&
    Multi-vitamin mineral & anti-oxidant with herbs I take one a day
    I also rub lemon juice on the problem spots.
    It is early days but it seems to be drawing them out.

  8. Does anyone know what the outcome of this illness is? I mean, do you eventually die, and if so, how? The reason why I am asking is because if it IS an environmental or bioligal outbreak, then its going to run rampant until ALL of us are infected. Some of you mentioned that it can be contracted and that it has spread to your families. Wouldn’t you think there would be nationwide alert of this if it spreads so quickly? I mean, it seems almost too calculated.. supposedly orignated in California and Florida.. well, where does that leave everyone else in the united states? Ok, so I am paranoid. I’ve heard that there will possibly be an act of bioloical terroism in the states, and I’m trying to figure out if this is something that will affect us all. I have young children and am trying to learn as much as I can about this disease. I don’t believe I have this disease, but I do suffer from a severe case of eczema, which causes rashes and intense itching. I sometimes get bumps on my face, which I’ve dismissed as adult acne, although, after reading this, I’m starting to get really worried. Can someone tell me how this disease first starts?

  9. I have Morgellons. I also was bit by a brown recluse spider. I know this because when I unpacked from a trip to the Bahamas, the dead spider was among my laundry. I looked up the spider on the internet, by the legs being white in the front and dark in the back, otherwise I wouldnt know one spider from the next.

    Since this nightmare began, I stuck to the fact that the bite I got on the back, that never went away, and the tons of sores to start appearing elsewhere on my skin, all began with that bite.

    Long story short, I heard about this Morgellons, and it is more and more being explained by all you other people. Fibers and all…..

    I am from Timmins, Ontario Canada……and cannot find anyone from Canada on the internet with Morgellons.


    That is a big big big certainty to me that the Spider and our Morgellons must have something to it.

    My email address is [email protected]

    Looking at skin sores on this computer lead me to the brown recluse, then other more similar sores lead me to Morgellons…the FIBERS

    Cold, Sick, and scared, up here in Timmins

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