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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced today that it is launching a study to learn about an unexplained condition that causes people to feel as if they have foreign substances growing from their bodies.

People with the condition, referred to as Morgellons disease, say they have fibers and other inorganic material growing out of their skin.

“We earnestly want to learn more about this unexplained illness, which affects the lives of those who suffer from it,” said Dr. Michele Pearson, principal investigator leading the study for the CDC, in a press release. “Those who suffer have questions, and we want to help them.”

“We have a team of epidemiologists, laboratorians and pathologists to carry out the study,” Pearson said.

The study will be conducted in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research. For more information, CLICK HERE to visit the CDC’s Unexplained Dermopathy Web site.

In 2006, a number of Morgellons sufferers told ABC News in interviews that when they consulted doctors, they received diagnoses they called wrong or dismissive. Brandi Koch, the wife of former Major League Baseball player Billy Koch, said that she felt as if she were living in a horror movie, claiming she had colored fibers coming out of her skin.

Koch, of Clearwater Beach, Fla., said that her life was good until one day in the shower when she noticed something strange — tiny fibers running through her skin.

“The fibers look like hair, and they’re different colors,” Koch said.

Koch said she knows that what she experienced “sounds crazy,” but it’s true. “If I had a family member call me up and say, ‘I have this stuff,’ I’d say, ‘I’m sending a straitjacket over. You need some help,'” she said.

Anne Dill described a similar condition. Looking at Dill’s life in Florida, she seemed to be living the American dream — her three daughters excelled in sports and were straight-A students.

But life in the Dill household was far from idyllic. Anne’s 40-year-old husband, Tom, died in January 2006, and she believes his death was due to a contagious illness that has infected her entire family.

Dill described her family’s skin: “There’s this fibrous material. It’s in layers.” Dill said the skin on their hands was particularly bad, very swollen and itchy, and said it felt as if bugs were crawling underneath the skin.

Consulting Doctors

Dr. Greg Smith of Gainesville, Ga., has been a pediatrician for the past 30 years. He claimed that a fiber was coming out of his big toe, and he had video footage to prove it.

“It felt like somebody stuck a pin in my toe and wiggled it, and it just continued to hurt,” Smith told ABC News in 2006.

He said he never thought he had bugs. “I’ve certainly had those crawling sensations, and the fibers which come out of the skin are really bizarre, and really odd.”

Smith was handed over to a hospital psychiatrist when he went to the emergency room complaining of a fiber in his eye. He admits that he, too, would be skeptical if a patient came to him with the same story.

“I would wonder if they’d taken their medicine that day. It makes no sense. It’s totally bizarre. It’s something that — just telling the story is so outlandish on the face of it — that no one would believe it,” Smith said. Dill’s doctor told her to stop scratching, even though many of her sores were in places she could not reach.

Koch went to the Mayo Clinic, where doctors didn’t believe that the fibers she’d brought them had grown from her body.

“I saw the infectious disease doctor, and I showed him some samples that I had and he snickered,” she said. “I can’t go through another doctor blowing me off or looking at me like I’m crazy. I know I’m not.”

Dr. Vincent DeLeo, chief of dermatology at New York’s St. Lukes-Roosevelt Medical Center, weighed in on what he’d say to someone who came to him with this condition. “I don’t think this is any different than many patients I’ve seen who have excoriations and believe that there is something in their skin causing this,” he told ABC News in 2006.

DeLeo said the open lesions were most likely a result of scratching the skin.

Relying on Your Own Research

But biologist Mary Leitao refused to accept the medical skepticism surrounding Morgellons.

Leitao’s son, Drew, was just 2 years old when Leitao noticed an odd sore on his lip that would not heal.

“He very simply said ‘bugs,’ and he pointed to his lips,” said Leitao.

Leitao never expected to find herself at the center of a medical storm. But when her son complained about the strange sore, the biologist, who once ran the electron microscope at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, did what any scientist would do. She took a closer look.

“What I saw were bundles of fibers, *** of fibers,” Leitao says. “There was red and blue.” Even stranger, they glowed under ultraviolet light.

Armed with research, Leitao took her son to a doctor at one of the country’s leading hospitals. He dismissed her tale of fibers and wrote to her pediatrician, saying that her son needed Vaseline for his lips and that his mother needed a thorough psychiatric evaluation.

Undaunted, Leitao began poring through medical literature looking for clues. What she discovered was a 17th-century reference to a strange disease with “harsh hairs” called “Morgellons.”

She named the strange fibers Morgellons disease and put the information on a Web site, At the time of her interview in 2006, more than 4,500 people had contacted Leitao, claiming they had Morgellons-type symptoms. The name stuck, and the disease was featured on the television show “ER.”

But do these fibers grow from inside the body, as Morgellons patients believe, or do they come from the external environment — a kind of lint — as the medical skeptics say?

Searching for an Answer

Forensic scientist Ron Pogue at the Tulsa Police Crime Lab in Oklahoma checked a Morgellons sample against known fibers in the FBI’s national database. “No, no match at all. So this is some strange stuff,” Pogue said in 2006. He thought the skeptics were wrong. “This isn’t lint. This is not a commercial fiber. It’s not.”

The lab’s director, Mark Boese, said the fibers are “consistent with something that the body may be producing.” He added that, “These fibers cannot be manmade and do not come from a plant. This could be a byproduct of a biological organism.”

Dill said she looks at pictures of her family and finds them unrecognizable. “My kids have to see not only their dad but their mom disintegrating, and that’s gotta be really scary.”

While they wait for evidence that they hope will convince the medical community to take them seriously, some Morgellon’s sufferers wear pink bracelets that say, simply, “Fortitude.”

Pictures of Morgellons Disease

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Image sequence 1 of Morgellons patient. Note the ink outline
Image sequence 2 of Morgellons patient. Closer view of outline area.
Image sequence 3 of Morgellons patient. Zooming in on outline area.
Image sequence 4 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 2x.
Image sequence 5 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 4x.
Image sequence 6 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 10x – note ink line at right.
Image sequence 7 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x – note ink line still present.
Image sequence 8 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x.
Image sequence 9 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 60x – note hair in foreground.
Image sequence 10 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 80x.
Image sequence 11 of Morgellons patient. Outline area magnified 200x.
Lip of 3-year-old male at 10x showing fibers embedded in skin.
Fibers removed from same lip lesions shown at 60x.
Image showing autofluorescence of fibers from child’s lip skin lesion.
Heel of 3-year-old male at 10x showing lesions with associated fibers.
Same heel lesions on 3-year-old male showing fibers at 60x.
Same heel lesions on 3-year-old male showing fibers at 60x.

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  1. also check out Dr. Hildegarde Staninger’s website, she’s an Industrial Toxicologist & Doctor of Integrative Medicine who has done some extensive research on the issue.

  2. Jeff Rense has some very interesting interviews with some scientists who have been studying and analysing this peculiar phenomenon, and also working/talking with patients.

  3. I wholeheartedly feel for those who have to go through this horrible disease and I ask: Has anyone tried using Swedish Bitters? If you google “Swedish Bitters” you will read the different stories where Swedish Bitters has been successful! My prayers are with all of you.

  4. I am a big fan of a website called Brian’s Dreams. He says he is not a psychic, but just has ‘dreams’. I was reading on his website for his dreams in the month of June for 2008 and he had a ‘dream’ about this disease- I think. He says it is a parasite, a worm, as he describes it. Here are Brian Ladd’s exact words: “pulling worms from my arm — cold water is no more — new parasite worm will kill humans, will eat thru skin, stop the heart, here, worms live and breed in human blood vessels – can grow in human blood”…I have been having dreams about me pulling worms from my arm for sometime now, and now I think I’m pretty sure that this is how it’s going to happen. I realize that most will say it’s impossible for this to happen, but I think it will.”

  5. All Morgellons Sufferers Please have a look at the Research being Independently done here Very Interesting findings Especially for the Medical/Scientific Community.

  6. There is a very logical reason that people think these subjects are out of their mind – it is called “SLOW TORTURE”. There used to be a method of torture that the Chinese used – I know it by the name of the Water Torture. They took a person, tied them down, so they couldn’t move, laid them on their back and let water drop on the bridge of their nose (right between their eyes), and these people went crazy, and they didn’t even have a unexplainable/uncureable disease.

    I was put through a form of torture when I was bitten by the Brown Reculse/Fiddle Back Spider which is VERY PoSOINOUS. And, I was bitten MANY times over a period of approximately 6 months. It got to the point that I could be driving the automobile, and feel something in my hair, and I would turn the steering wheel loose and beat myself in the head – trying to kill the spider that I thought was there. For years afterward, I could not sleep in my bed because I found that the spiders were nesting under my bed and biting me while I was sleeping; and, I would beat and stomp my clothes, gloves, etc., in order to kill any spider that might be in them before putting them on my person. If you are interested in this testimony, you can find it on the web-site:

    Since I went through a slow form of torture, I understand what it is like (to some degree), and I truly hope that these infected people find help. May God have mercy upon anyone who takes their stories lightly – especially those who can help if only they would take the time and mke an effort.

    I plead with all Christians to pray diligently for God to spare these people.

    NOTE: I am not at all sure that the parasite didn’t come from some sort of biogenetically modified foods that we have been fed since the early 1970’s without our knowledge… However, that is just my thoughts, I have no proof…

    May God give you peace of mind, and may He send someone with the knowledge to help in lieu of calling you crazy because of their own lack of knowledge.

    Prayers for you all,
    Minister Mary

  7. dee–those were very kind words..i/we thank you.

    claudio—definately some sort of mental disorder?…is that what you said?…well…
    YOUR OPINION plus ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY NINE CENTS will get you a cup of coffee at mcdonalds…
    the price of coffee at mcdonalds is $1.59…..
    need i say more??

    amber–no sores here,either,anymore..for about 5–maybe 6 years…prior to that a tiny pimple would appear and without even touching it, it would just kind of explode and i’d end up with a huge raw area…sad thing about it, those usually happened on my face–impossible to cover or disguse.

    dear,dear charlotte
    i have a huge amount of respect for your coming forward with the words that you did…i hope you’ve paid no mind to claudio
    i wish there was a way to let you know that i do not dis-believe anything you’ve said–as anyone who knows morgellons(personally)realizes that ANYTHING is possible..
    crickets–i heard a constant cricket chirping for years and didnt realize that it was not crickets until it stopped!!
    respect is something that entity is surely lacking….respect and manners…and a willing to co-operate…
    a peaceful co-existance is possible if one is able to get their cooperation.
    may god bless you,charlotte
    may god bless us all

  8. Go to google and look up ‘collembola’. The bad news is that there is no cure, as of yet, for an infestation in the human body. However, it does fit with these symptoms, although I don’t know if they produce the fibers or not. Hope this helps. I just ran across it and had to come back here and post. I don’t have any of these symptoms and I hope I never do, but I DO hope they find help for the people suffering from this, whatever ‘this’ is.

  9. I just read a story about Morgellons on MSMBC. It sounded like a a bad b-movie. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live with this. From now on I will be more empathetic when someone tells me something that I don’t believe, that I think is just in their head. The pictures I have seen , seem very real. How can this be discounted by some in the medical profession? There’s physical evidence!!!

    For those that think this is just a psychiatric disorder, I challenge them to submit themselves to something traumatic and see how that impacts you down the road. I was almost struck by a tree and now every time I hear loud noises above me, I get nervous and recall the falling tree. If I had things sprouting out of my skin and can feel fibers growing inside me, I think that would probably cause some strong Traumatic Stress Disorder, even after being healed.

    I hope they find a cause/cure for you all!

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